UntitledArmil CFS proudly features Fiberfrax ceramic fiber blankets for many high-heat protection and thermal management applications in a vast array of industries. Ceramic fiber blankets are a Low-density insulation used in all types of high temperature equipment – these blankets offer flexibility, light weight and various thicknesses as well as ease-of-use within plants, refineries and factories. From use in kilns, boilers, furnaces and ovens to usage as flexible pipe insulation, expansion joint seals and stack and duct linings, ceramic fiber blankets provide insulation and protection against high heat without the dangers associated with asbestos products.

About Ceramic Fiber Blankets

Armil CFS carries a wide range of Fiberfrax ceramic fiber blankets for refractory applications up to 3000°F (1650°C), in various densities, widths and thicknesses for your purchase. These blankets are designed to withstand intense heat as well chemicals attack and are lightweight for easy installation as needed within industrial settings.

Ceramic fiber blankets are lightweight, efficient insulators highly resistant to thermal shock and chemical attack. Fiberfrax Durablanket® products are spun from extra-long, high-purity Fiberfrax® ceramic fibers, producing a blanket with exceptional handling strength. Durablanket is most often used for oven, furnace, and kiln linings, duct wrap, expansion joints, and high temperature gasketing. Moist Pak D blankets are further impregnated with inorganic bonding agents resulting in a hard rigid structure upon drying. Moist Pak D is used where a more erosion resistant lining is required. Fibermax® blankets are high-alumina blankets manufactured using polcrystalline ceramic fibers for high-heat resistance. Fibermax blankets have excellent characteristics for use in furnaces in kilns at extreme temperatures.

Interested in learning more about these optimal tools for refractory usage with portability always in mind? Visit our ceramic fiber blankets PDF for stats and composition information. You can also reach out to our trained staff for more information on applications by industry, pricing and availability.