Armil CFS manufactures high temperature industrial furnaces serving a wide range of industries. From pre-engineered Tru-Heat® box furnaces to our custom designed furnace lines, Armil CFS furnaces encompass the latest in combustion and control technology, efficient refractory materials and are built to deliver in the toughest industrial environments.
Industries Served:

  • Investment casting (Box Preheat, Box Dewax, Pusher Furnaces, Roller Hearth Furnaces)
  • Test Furnaces (Vertical and Horizontal Test Furnaces)
  • Heat Treating (Box Furnaces, Car Bottom Furnaces, Pit Furnaces, Roller Hearth Furnaces, Rotary Retort furnaces, Screw Hearth Furnaces)
  • Forging (Box Furnaces, Car Bottom Furnaces, Slot Forge Furnaces)
  • Incineration (Box furnaces, Oxidizers, Cremation Furnaces)
  • Ceramics (Shuttle Kilns, Box Kilns, Rotary Kilns)