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Armil CFS supplies and services combustion and control systems on a wide variety of high
temperature equipment, including the following:High Temperature Industrial Furnace | Combustion Services

Heat Treat Furnaces – Batch Furnaces and Continuous Furnaces

Investment Casting Burn out and Preheat Furnaces

Forging Reheat Furnaces, Slot Furnace



Armil CFS personnel regularly install, repair and troubleshoot burners manufactured by Eclipse, North American, Hauck, Maxon, Bloom etc.. Service technicians are fully equipped to make sure combustion systems are operating at peak efficiency.

Furnace process control systems and temperature control systems manufactured by Honeywell, Eurotherm, Yokakagawa are supported. Armil CFS Technicians are able to troubleshoot and service temperature control, recording, ignition, flame supervision, and data acquisition systems on all types of high temperature equipment.

Armil CFS is also able to provide preventative maintenance services for furnaces, kilns, ovens, incinerators, etc… An Armil CFS preventative maintenance program for your high temperature equipment will maximize both equipment uptime and efficiency.

Armil CFS is also able to modernize older combustion and control systems to insure furnaces, kilns, and incineration equipment is operating at the highest efficiency.