Pre Cast Shapes

Armil CFS manufactures precast refractory shapes for a variety of materials, for use in many industries. Precast refractory shapes are pre fired and can be put right into service in your high temperature application.

Precast Shapes are manufactured using high quality castable mixes. Insulating, Abrasion Resistant, Low Cement, No Cement, and conventional mixes are available. Alumina contents from 50-99% are available.

Common applications include:

  • Lintle Blocks
  • Pier Blocks
  • Sill Blocks
  • Jamb Blocks
  • Hearth Tile
  • Burner Blocks
  • Arch Sections
  • Wood fired Ovens
  • Trough sections

Armil Precast Refractory shapes are cast into custom made molds. Our skilled fabricators make custom molds for each application. Most molds are fabricated from steel, but wood and plastic molds are used when appropriate. Carefully selected refractory materials are poured into each mold. Precast Refractory Shapes are oven dried and can be high-fired to maximize performance in your application. We use many of our precast shapes in our own high temperature kilns and furnaces!