High Temperature Process Equipment


Since 1968, Armil CFS has been designing and manufacturing high temperature process equipment, including furnaces, kilns, and incineration equipment. Armil CFS is distributor for leading manufacturers of high temperature insulation and refractory products. Armil CFS provides service on all types high temperature equipment. You can read about our proud 50th anniversary in the heat treatment industry with industrial furnaces and refractory materials by visiting this page. Read the INCAST article on our industrial history below.

“Armil CFS celebrates 50th Anniversary” article from INCAST magazine


Armil CFS is a custom manufacturer of high temperature processing equipment, including furnaces, kilns, and incineration equipment. All equipment is designed around each customer’s specific requirements. Equipment is built to last, utilizing heavy steel construction. Combustion and control components are supplied by leading manufacturers. Quality refractory is installed by skilled craftsmen.


Armil CFS distributes high temperature insulation and refractory:


Armil CFS offers a full range of services for existing high temperature equipment:

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