wood fired backyard pizza ovens
Tasty Pizza from a Backyard Pizza Oven
Backyard pizza oven kit
DIY Pizza Oven Kit

Enhance your backyard grilling experience today with a woodfired Neapolitan pizza oven from Backyard Pizza Ovens!

There are many advantages to owning your own Neapolitan-style, wood-fired backyard pizza oven.
‐ Experience new tastes and flavors only matched by restaurants
‐ Any food that is cooked on a grill or conventional oven can be prepared in a wood‐fired oven.
‐ Perfect for entertaining any size crowd
‐ Wood fired ovens hold heat longer, heat faster, and can cook a pizza in as little as 90 seconds
‐ Our all‐in‐one pizza oven kit provides everything you need for easy assembly
‐ Durable for outdoor use in any environment
‐ Kiln fired for immediate use
‐ Easy to assemble
‐ Made in the USA!
‐ Ships anywhere in the USA

backyard pizza oven kit offered by ArmilCFS

Refractory dome, hearth, arch, and cast-aluminum door with bolts are all part of our complete DIY pizza oven kit.

Pizza Oven Dimensions (without insulation) 40.5” long x 31.5” wide x 16.25” high
Over 615 sq. inches of cooking surface
Why Us?
For over a decade we have been manufacturing wood-fired pizza ovens for individuals and families across the United States. Our experience in engineering and manufacturing high-temperature furnaces and as a refractory distributor has made us experts in high-temperature applications. This knowledge has enabled us to construct durable, high- performance ovens that can be purchased at a low cost. All our wood-fired backyard pizza ovens are manufactured in our South Holland, Illinois facility.

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