Furnace Rebuilds

Armil CFS repairs, rebuilds, and remanufactures high temperature furnaces, kilns, incinerators, and other high temperature equipment. Combustion and control systems are updated with new, modern components from leading manufacturers. Old refractory linings are removed and replaced with efficient brick, cast, or fiber linings.

Our Combustion and Control technicians provide the following services as required:

  • Burner Tuning
  • Burner Replacement
  • Electric Heating Element upgrade
  • Flame Supervision Upgrades
  • Process Controller replacement
  • Temperature Controller replacement

Our Refractory and Insulation installers perform the following tasks:

  • Refractory Patching
  • Replace worn or damaged firebrick Linings
  • Ceramic Fiber installation and repair
  • Arch replacement / repair
  • Hearth replacement / repair