Armil CFS is the exclusive distributor of BNZ Materials Marinite FT.

Marinite FTMarinite calcium silicate products have been the preferred lining in live fire training towers for more than 40 years. Marinite products have been used in hundreds of live fire training towers, buildings, and burn rooms all over the world.

Marinite FT, introduced in 2010 and in use in fire training towers around the world, is the first Marinite product to be designed specifically for use in fire training. Marinite FT’s unique Tobermorite crystalline structure provides excellent resistance to the thermal shock and high temperatures experienced during live fire training sessions.

Marinite FT offers high strength and abrasion resistance, along with high insulating values, making it an excellent choice for use in Class “A” and fire simulator burn rooms. Marinite FT boards will not absorb water, will not require dry out between uses, and do not support mold growth.

Marinite FT

Marinite FT can be used in new installations, retrofits, or to repair existing calcium silicate based linings. Boards can be supplied in 1 inch thick, 2’x2’, 2’x4’, 3’x4’, and 4’x4’ panels. Custom sizes are available.

Marinite FT panels are typically mounted over metal framing in masonry or metal buildings. Each panel joint should be backed with a treated Marinite batten strip to prevent passage of heat.


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Marinite FT was formerly marketed as Super Padgenite HD. Padgenite is a trademark of WHP Training Towers.


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