Insulating Boards for Industrial Furnaces | Armil CFS

Armil CFS carries several types of high-temperature insulating boards.

Ceramic fiber boards are versatile products used as backup or hot face insulations. These include chimney linings, industrial furnaces, kilns, stoves, boiler wall insulation, combustion chambers, heat shields, ceramic liners, baffle replacement, expansion joints, and refractory liningsIn many applications, it works effectively as a high-temperature gasketing material as well.

Fiberfrax Ceramic fiber boards find use as hot face lining in high-temperature settings. Hot face lining boards are backed by lower-temperature backup boards or ceramic fiber blankets. Low thermal conductivity, high-temperature stability, uniform density, and exceptional resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack are all advantages of Fiberfrax ceramic fiber board. Fiberfrax boards offer mechanical strength, high rigidity, low shrinkage, and low thermal conductivity.

Insulating boards can also be used as backup insulation behind dense refractories such as castable or firebrick to provide a more efficient lining. Backup insulation options include Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber Boards and Super Isol Calcium Silicate Boards.

Armil CFS offers both Fiberfrax and Gemcolite ceramic fiber boards, manufactured by Unifrax Corp. Fiberfrax and Gemcolite boards are both made from high purity Fiberfrax alumina-silica fibers. Ceramic fiber boards offer low thermal conductivity and excellent resistance against thermal shock and high temp. In addition, several densities and temperature grades up to 3000°F are available to provide high-temperature insulation and high-temperature stability.

Skamol Super Isol calcium silicate boards are high-strength, low-density boards used as backup insulation at temperatures up to 1800°F. Super Isol boards that offer high compressive strength are commonly used behind dense firebrick or cast linings to provide additional insulation.

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