Armil CFS Service

Armil CFS personnel supply, install and repair refractory and insulation in high temperature furnaces, kilns, incinerators, and ovens.

Armil CFS bricklayers and insulation installers are skilled at installing insulating firebrick, firebrick, ceramic fiber, and cast refractory linings. Old linings can be replaced with more modern, efficient refractory linings. We make sure we install the proper material for each application. Armil CFS uses only quality refractories supplied by Unifrax (Fiberfrax ceramic fiber), BNZ Materials (BNZ Insulating Firebrick, Marinite, Transite), Missouri Refractories (Castables and Plastics), Resco Products (Firebrick, Castables, Plastics) and Mt Savage Refractories (Firebrick, Castable, Plastics). Common repairs completed by our crews include arch replacement, lintel and jamb repairs, hearth patching and replacement, car seal repair, pier replacement, side wall patching.

We commonly install refractories in the following types of equipment:

  • Heat Treat Furnaces
  • Forge Reheat Furnaces
  • Belt Furnaces
  • Roller Hearth Furnaces
  • Sintering Furnaces
  • Investment Casting Preheat and Dewax Furnaces
  • Ceramic Kilns
  • Thermal Oxidizers
  • Incinerators
  • Cremation Retorts
  • Diecast Holding Furnaces
  • High Temperature Process Heaters
  • Car Bottom Furnaces