Armil CFS heat treating furnaces range from our pre-engineered Tru-Heat® line to many custom systems that can include pressure control, oxygen trim, temperature uniformity to +/- 5°F, NADCAP data collection, full automation, recuperation, and emission compliance / control.

The industrial furnaces featured on this page are primarily Lift Off or Roller Hearth varieties of heat treat furnaces and are some of our more sophisticated designs, featuring water-cooled rolls, recuperative combustion, gantry cranes and control rooms. Our engineering team can work with your staff to devise a heat treating furnace system that is just right for your shop or facility needs. Armil CFS - innovation, service and performance that treats your company right every time.

Please click on each of the images below to see more detailed photos of the heat treating furnaces on this page from Armil CFS. You can Contact US with questions or if you wish to discuss our products.

Heat Treating Furnace#1

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Lift Off Heat Treating Furnace

  • 2 Base with Gantry Crane and Control Room
  • Work chamber: 30’ W x 8’ D x 3’T
  • Operating Temperature: 1,850°F
  • Temp Uniformity: +/-15°F

Roller Hearth Heat Treating Furnace

  • Water Cooled Rolls
  • NADCAP Certified
  • Work Chamber: 50’ long x 6’ W x 12”T
  • Temp Range: 1800°F–2250°F
  • Temp Uniformity: +/-25°F
Heat Treating Furnace#2

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Heat Treating Furnace#3

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Roller Hearth Furnace (Retrofit)

  • Recuperative Combustion, Controls
  • Package, Full Refractory Reline
  • Temp Range: 1600°F-1750°F

Lift Off Heat Treating Furnace with Gantry

  • Work Chamber: 23’W x 9’D x 66” H
  • Temp Range: 1000°F to 1,700°F
  • Uniformity: +/-9°F
Heat Treating Furnace#4

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