Armil CFS offers a variety of high temperature ropes and braids.

Products offered are Fiberfrax ceramic rope (twisted), Fiberfrax ceramic round braid, Fiberfrax ceramic square braid, Refrasil silica braided rope, and silica square braid. Also offered are Fiberglass ropes and braids for lower temperature applications.

Fiberfrax Ceramic fiber ropes and braids are used in a wide variety of gasketing, packing, and sealing applications at temperatures up to 2300°F.  Utility Grade ceramic fiber is a low cost alternative for temperatures up to 1800°F.

Refrasil silica braided rope can be used in temperatures up to 1800°F.

Fiberglass twisted ropes and braids can be used at temperatures up to 1100°F.

High Temperature Ropes and BraidsTypical Applications:

  • Furnace and Kiln door seal
  • Expansion joint packing
  • Coke oven door jam seal
  • Tuckstone seal
  • High temperature Gasketing
  • Woodburning stove door seal
  • Tadpole Gasket bulb seal

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