Castables and PlasticsArmil CFS offers castable and plastic refractory products for temperatures up to and exceeding 3000°F. Armil CFS offers the following high strength products:

  • Insulating Castables

    • Armil CFS offers a large line of high temperature insulating castables rated for use in applications ranging from 2000ºF to 3000ºF. These light weight castables have a low thermal conductivity and reduce both the amount of heat storage and heat transfer. This results in significant savings in furnace fuel consumption. The lower densities in these castables reduce the amount of supporting furnace steelwork required. Insulating castables can be used as back up behind dense castable or firebrick. In some applications, insulating castable can be used as a full thickness lining.
  • Conventional Castables

    • Conventional castables offer higher strength than insulating castables, and are often used as the hot face lining in ovens, furnaces, and incinerators. Conventional castables are cement bonded, and are typically easy to mix. They are easy to place with proper vibration. Many of our conventional castables have low iron contents and are ideal for high temperatures and reducing atmospheres. Application temperatures are typically 2000 – 3000 deg F.
  • Low Cement Castables

    • Low Cement castable typically have higher density, strength and abrasion resistance than do conventional or insulating castables. Low cement-type castables find many applications through industries such as steel, iron foundries, aluminum furnaces, non-ferrous metals, rotary kilns, incinerators and precast shapes.
  • Phos Bonded Castables

    • Armil CFS offers chemically bonded castables for use in patching applications. Rescobond 3000 is a phosphate-bonded, chemically setting castable that adheres well to existing refractory. Rescobond is prepared for use by simply mixing with water. Phoscast 60 is a fast setting, 60% alumina  single component castable. Both products can be used as full thickness linings, but excel as patching materials in hearths or cast linings.

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