ArmilCFS fibermax coatingsArmil CFS is a stocking distributor and fabricator for Unifrax Fiberfrax® and Fibermax® ceramic fiber products, including ceramic fiber coatings, modules, patches, cements and more.

Here is information on the high-quality Fibermax® products Armil CFS offers:

Ceramic Fiber Coatings (PDF)

The Fiberfrax Specialties family of products includes Fiberfrax moldables, pumpables, caulks, coating cements, rigidizers, tamping mix, and Moist-PackTM blanket. These products offer excellent adhesion and contain a wet inorganic binder to provide fire protection at elevated temperatures.

Rescobond 3000 (PDF)

RESCOBOND 3000 is a phosphate bonded, chemically setting refractory castable that is prepared for use by mixing with water. In addition to its use as a primary lining system, RESCOBOND 3000’s chemical bonding system provides adherence to existing refractory, making it an effective patching material.

Silplate Mass

New and available now! Fiberfrax Silplate Mass is a high temperature coating that can be applied to existing ceramic fiber linings. This coating repairs worn linings, protects against corrosion, and adds velocity and chemical resistance.

For more information on Silpate Mass or for additional information on any other Fibermax coatings and patches from Armil CFS, please call at 708.339.6810 or visit our Contact Us page online.