Commercial Refrasil Markets

Refrasil - Silica Cloth, Silica Curtain, welding cloth, welding blanket

Welding Protection, Stress Relieving and Pre-Heating The largest single applications for REFRASIL cloth involves welding protections for numerous welding maintenance and repair functions. REFRASIL textiles have found growing use in many welding operations because of their excellent high-temperature performance and

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Refrasil Applications


Industry Application Overview – Refrasil Silica Products Aluminum and Non-ferrous Metals Application Refrasil® is well known throughout the smelting and refining light metal industries. Refrasil Irish cloth 2221 is used as pot hood skirts, siphon tube gaskets, bus bar insulation,

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Ceramic Insulation Board Uses

ArmilCFS fiber Unifrax Fiberfrax® boards

Ceramic Insulation Board Uses Ceramic insulation board is vacuum-formed,  insulation with machinability. The manufacturing process begins by wet forming alumina-silica fibers and binders and vacuum pressing the mixture into molds. Imagine combining the high heat resistance and insulating properties of ceramic fiber blankets into a more durable,

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