Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fiber Armil CFS offers woven cloth and woven tape for a variety of high temperature applications.

Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fiber cloth and tapes can be used in insulation applications to 2300°F. Refrasil® Silica cloth and tapes have a 1800°F use limit, 2300°F for Refrasil Irish. For lower temperature applications, Armil CFS offers a wide range of fiberglass textiles.

Armil CFS also offer s low cost “utility grad” line of ceramic and fiberglass textiles. All of the above products can be fabricated into welding curtains, pads, furnace curtains, custom seals, or gaskets.

Refrasil® Cloth

Refrasil products are high strength acid leached amorphous silica textiles made to maximize both temperature resistance and physical strength. All Refrasil silica cloths have silica contents of at least 96%. This silica content gives Refrasil silica cloths a true1800ºF use limit. Refrasil Cloths are available in high strength UC series, preshrunk C series, and Irish series for use at temperatures up to 2300ºF.

Refrasil - Silica Cloth, Silica Curtain, welding cloth, welding blanket

Refrasil cloths can be used for welding protection and furnace curtains. The most popular form of Refrasil silica is the standard UC series woven cloth. Refrasil cloths are available in a wide variety of various weights and thicknesses, as well as being offered with several different types of specialty coatings, including high temperature silicone, aluminized, and abrasion resistant.

With Refrasil textiles, maintenance time, labor, and energy costs can be reduced. Parts, materials, equipment, personnel, and machinery can be protected from potential damage and destruction caused by molten metal splash, sparks, and radiant heat.

Typical Applications

  • Electrical lead wire insulation
  • Welding blanket edge & seam binding
  • Cooling hose wrap insulation
  • Insulation blankets
  • Power cable insulation

Refrasil® Tape

Refrasil woven, wide woven and slit tapes proven in numerous applications involving thermal insulation, energy savings, safety and electrical insulation.

With a long service life and greater thermal performance than other textiles, Refrasil tapes lower your maintenance cost and provide high performance protection. Refrasil’s excellent dielectric strength makes it an outstanding high-temperature electrical insulator, while its chemical properties contribute to its resistance to oxidation and attack by most corrosive solutions.

Standard Refrasil tapes are high silica products intended for high heat applications with continuous service up to 1800ºF. Woven tape is available in “pre-shrunk” form, which is fired at 1800ºF to reduce any further shrinkage in the service applications. Wide woven tape in thicknesses of .060″ and .125″ is produced as standard Refrasil and is subject to shrinkage when exposed to sustained temperatures above 1800ºF.

Refrasil® Sleeving

Refrasil Asbestos-Free textiles are designed to perform continuously to 1800ºF. Refrasil industrial insulation textiles are pure silica products with the high-performance capabilities of a refractory material. Refrasil is relatively inert and resists most chemical attack. It provides outstanding protection in electrical insulation applications with good dielectric strength of 40 volts/mil of thickness.

Sleeving does not lose strength and remains flexible to 1800ºF. Refrasil braided sleeving is the solution for an efficient, low maintenance thermal insulation. Absolutely fireproof, it is also resistant to oxidation and most corrosive solutions, and does not degrade in the presence of water. It is available as standard or heavy wall. The looser braid of standard sleeving can accommodate a large variety of diameters. Heavy wall sleeving has a very tight and thicker braid for maximum thermal protection.