Armil CFS furnaces are leaders in the forging industry and range from our pre-engineered natural gas Tru-Heat® line to personalized custom systems. They can include temperature uniformity to +/- 5°FNADCAP data collection, full automation, recuperation, pressure control, oxygen trim, and emission compliance/control. Both our box furnace burners and slot forging furnace designs reach high temperatures of 2,450°F.

All of our forge furnaces are made of heavy-duty steel for years of dependable activity during the heating process. Armil CFS not only designs and manufactures our own forging furnaces, but we also deliver and install them for you on your shop or factory floor. Our engineering team will also work with your business to develop any customized functions as needed.

As industrial furnace manufacturers, we offer heat treatment through preheating-type furnaces such as:

  • standard industrial furnaces
  • refractory furnaces
  • pusher furnaces

and more!

Each furnace is a viable option for forging ferrous and non-ferrous alloys through a heat-treating process, such as stainless steel, aluminum and other metal melting solutions. These forging furnaces can be used for billet heating, annealing or tempering. With optimal forging operations, a high temperature heat source and high-efficiency combustion systems, you're guaranteed quality finished products.

Furnaces from Armil CFS offer innovation, service and performance - all forged right here in America! Please click on the images below to see more photos of our forging furnaces at work and Contact Us with questions or to learn more.

Forging Furnace#1

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Forging Box Furnace

  • Work chamber: 12’ W x 7’ D x 5’-6”T
  • OperatingTemperature: 2,450°F
  • Temp Uniformity: +/- 25°F

Slot Forge Furnace

  • Fuel: Natural Gas and Oil (Dual Fuel)
  • Operating Temp: 2,450°F
  • Slot: 4” Tall x (2) 48” wide slots
Forging Furnace#2

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Forging Furnace#3

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Slot Forge Furnace

  • Fuel: Natural Gas
  • Operating Temp: 2,450°F
  • Slot: 3” Tall x 66” wide

Dual Slot Forge Furnace

  • (2) slots (1) each side
  • Fuel: Natural Gas
  • Operating Temp: 2,350°F
  • Slot: 1-1/2” Tall x 42” wide x 2 sides
Forging Furnace#4

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