Armil CFS offers a variety of microporous insulations for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. The microporous core materials of the following products possess excellent thermal conductivities, better than that of still air. Microporous core materials are composed of a combination of fumed silica, reinforcing fibers, and special opacifiers to minimize transmission of infrared radiation.

Microporous InsulationThe extremely low thermal conductivities of Armil CFS

microporous products saves space, weight, and energy. Microporous insulations offer excellent thermal stability, and allow for consistent operating temperatures. Moisture can destroy the microporous structure of these products. Boards can be encased to prevent moisture penetration.

Armil CFS offers the following Microporous products:

Dynaguard products: US made microporous insulations available in board, and encapsulated with high temperature textile for additional strength. Core material has a use limit of 1832°F.  Available products include:

WDS High: Microporous boards encased in polyetheylene. Use limit is 1925°F. Poly film allows product to resist moisture.

Excelfrax products: Microporous boards available unfaced, or encased in fiberglass scrim or aluminum foil. Excelfrax products can be easily cut or fabricated into various shapes. 1832°F use limit