Armil CFS manufactures box furnaces ranging from our pre-engineered Tru-Heat® line to custom engineered box furnace systems that can include temperature uniformity to +/- 5°F, emission compliance / control, pressure control, oxygen trim, full automation, recuperation, and NADCAP data collection. All Armil box furnaces are engineered using combustion and control equipment from leading manufactures. Refractory is installed by skilled and experienced bricklayers. Each of the box furnaces featured on this page has been designed and manufactured by Armil, as well as delivered and installed at each location by our expert team. Armil CFS service personnel are available to service all Armil CFS furnaces.

Armil CFS Box furnaces are commonly used for investment casting burnout and preheat, heat treating, ceramics firing, and forging applications.  Since many of our high temp furnaces are custom designs, we encourage you to read the specs and to check-out the images associated with each furnace below to get a better idea about the design work Armil CFS can execute for our customers.

Armil CFS – innovation, service and performance custom-made in America.

Please click on the images below to see more photos of each box furnace. You can Contact US with questions or if you wish to discuss our products.


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Tru-Heat® Gas Fired Box Furnace

  • Work Chamber: 48” W x 48”D x 36”T
  • Temp Range: 450F to 2,200°F
  • Uniformity: +/- 25°F


Gas Fired Box Furnace

  • Work Chamber: 6’W x 4’D x 4’T
  • Temp Range: 800°F - 2450°F
  • Uniformity: +/- 25°F

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Gas Fired Box Furnace

  • Work Chamber: 42” W x 42”D x 30”T
  • Temp Range: 1,600°F to 2,200°F
  • Uniformity: +/- 10°F

Electric Fired Box Furnace

  • Work Chamber: 40” W x 40”D x 60”T
  • Temp Range: 1,000°F to 1,450°F
  • Uniformity: +/- 25°F

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Gas Fired Thermal Reduction Box Furnace

  • Afterburner
  • Work chamber: 6’ W x 4’ Dx 4’T
  • Operating Temperature: 400°F - 1,600°F
  • Afterburner chamber: 1,800°F

Recuperative Gas Fired Box Furnace

  • 800° preheated combustion air
  • Work Chamber: 144” W x 96”D x 44”T
  • Temp Range: 750°F to 2,050°F
  • Uniformity: +/- 25°F

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