• Natural gas fired box Furnaces (4) serving the feed, waste and pulp industries
  • Dual application:
  • Forging type 420 alloy stock 2450oF
  • Annealing forged dies 800oF to 1600oF
  • Maxon Kinemax gas burners 7.0 MMBTU/HR
  • Temperature uniformity range +/- 25oF
  • Temperature, logic and safeguard circuits meet in NFPA 86 (National Fire Protection Associations Standard for Ovens and Furnaces), NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code), UL508 (Underwriter's Laboratories Standard for Safety in Industrial Controls), and CSA 22.2 #14 (Canadian Standards Associations Industrial Control Equipment Standard)
  • Eurotherm series 2704 process temperature controller
  • Eurotherm series 2204 excess temperature controller
  • Future Designs DR5000 circular chart recorder
  • Fireye MicroM series flame supervision network
  • Watlow thermocouples
  • Unifrax Fiberfrax Anchor-Loc 2600 12# pcf density ceramic fiber modules
  • BNZ Insulating Firebrick

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