investment-armilArmil CFS manufactures batch furnaces for the investment casting industry. All furnaces are manufactured to customer specifications. Furnaces can have multiple chambers, afterburners, recuperative heating, etc.

All Armil CFS furnaces are manufactured utilizing a combination of standard structural steel shapes and plate construction. Furnaces typically have Fiberfrax ceramic fiber lined roofs, sidewalls, and doors. Hearths, jambs, and lintels utilize both cast refractory and brick construction. Armil CFS utilizes the latest in combustion and control technology in each furnace.

Armil CFS is pleased to announce our pre-engineered standard series batch furnaces. Tru-Heat® furnaces can be used for a wide range of high temperature applications for the investment casting and heat treating industries. Tru-Heat™ furnaces feature optional afterburner or standard flue system, fast heat recovery, rapid opening and closing doors, and operating temperatures from 450ºF-2200ºF and the latest controls package offering internet based remote access offsite monitoring and trouble shooting.

 Standard sizes are:investment-armil2

  • 6′ wide x 5’deep x 3’high
  • 6′ wide x 4’deep x 3’high
  • 5′ wide x 5’deep x 3’high
  • 5′ wide x 3’deep x 3’high

Download the Tru-Heat® datasheet here.