Armil CFS offers Fiberfrax Anchor-Loc® and Anchor-Loc2® Modules for the insulation of a wide variety of furnaces, kilns, ovens, boilers, and other processing vessels. Anchor-Loc® and Anchor-Loc2® modules are easily installed to interior shells of all types of processing equipment. Both Anchor-Loc® and Anchor-Loc2® modules are secured by two alloy tubes to a metallic anchor.

Anchor-Loc® Modules are fabricated from folded Fiberfrax Durablanket, compressed in cardboard. Anchor-Loc2® modules are manufactured from layers of ceramic fiber blanket bonded together into a strong pliable block. A variety of mounting methods, sizes, densities, and temperature grades is available.

Fiberfrax® Anchor-Loc®

The Anchor-Loc systems that we carry are made with Durablanket® S, Durablanket HP-S, or Durablanket 2600. Anchor-Loc ceramic fiber module can be fastened to interior steel shells in heat processing equipment. Ceramic fiber blanket is secured by two alloy rods to a metallic module anchor. They are manufactured in several different configurations. Anchor-Loc ceramic fiber modules offer some of the same advantages as layered furnace linings when compared to refractory construction, such as:

  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Continuous use
  • Lower heat storage
  • Fire protection
  • Lower installed cost

Fiberfrax® Anchor-Loc® 2

Anchor-Loc 2 modules combine layers of refractory ceramic fiber blanket into strong fiber blocks. These ceramic fiber blankets feature high tensile strength for improved resistance to mechanical abuse and vibration. The proprietary fiber treatment decreases fiber dusting and irritation. Anchor-Loc 2 also increases block flexibility and makes the module easy to compress into place. Our Anchor-Loc 2 Modules are available in 2 temperature grades based on construction from Durablanket® HP-S or Durablanket 2600.

Anchor-Loc2 ceramic fiber modules have the same advantages as other furnace linings when compared to refractory construction such as:

  • Faster temperature cycling
  • Low heat storage
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Thermal insulation

Typical Application

  • Petrochemical
    • Furnaces
    • Fired heaters
  • Metallurgy
    • Heat treatment & forging furnaces
    • Ladle covers
    • Soaking pit covers
    • Pipe insulation
  • Ceramic
    • Tunnel kilns
    • Intermittent kilns

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Consider ceramic fiber modules from Armil for high-temperature applications that demand high-temperature stability and low thermal conductivity. Several densities and temperature grades up to 3000°F are available. We also carry other high purity ceramic products such as ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber paper, insulation blankets, and ceramic fiber insulation.

Since 1968, Armil CFS has been designing and manufacturing ceramic fiber products and high temperature process equipment, including furnaces, kilns, and incineration equipment. Armil CFS is distributor for leading manufacturers of high temperature insulation and refractory products. Ready to get started with ceramic fiber modules? Contact Armil CFS here to get more information on applications and usage or to place an order or speak with our staff.