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How do I assemble my backyard pizza oven?
Caution: Pizza Oven Dome and Hearth are HEAVY!
Step 1 – Construct a support base for the pizza oven. The base should be built with non‐combustible materials (masonry or metal). The base should have the same dimensions as the base of the oven. It should be flat, level, and be able to support the weight of the oven and decorative covering. Standard height is typically around 40‐44 inches. Note: Armil CFS offers additional high-heat materials that can be used to build your pizza oven base.
Step 2 – Place insulating board on top of the base (both pieces)
Step 3 – Place the hearth on top of the insulating boards, then mortar the dome on top of the hearth.
Step 4 – Attach Flue Adapter over the opening in the front of the dome.
Step 5 – Lay the insulation blanket directly over the dome (using gloves is recommended). Cut or leave a opening over the Flue Adapter.
Step 6 – Using the provided mortar to seal the front arch to the dome. Line up the arch with the bolt holes.
Step 7 – Attach the door to the arch and bolt into place.
Step 8 – Encase the oven with the decorative covering you choose. Make sure the oven dome, hearth, and insulating board are covered and waterproofed.

Do I need to cure my new wood‐fired pizza oven?
No, all model 750 ovens are kiln dried during our manufacturing process. This eliminates the need for a curing process.

How do I light the wood?
First, build a pyramid of small pieces of wood and kindling on top of fire‐lighter or paper. Next, light the fire. Once the fire is going, add some larger pieces of wood to ensure a longer and hotter burn. Close the door and let the wood burn. When the wood has turned to ash, push it to the back of the oven with your pizza peel. Use your brush to push any remaining rubble or ashes to the back as well. Now your oven is ready.

Should I add flour to my pizza peel before adding a pizza?
Yes, this will prevent the pizza from sticking to the peel when inserting it in the oven.

My pizza oven has a crack. Do I need a new one?
No, all our oven domes are reinforced with stainless steel needles within the refractory dome that serve to hold the oven firmly together. Small hairline cracks are normal in refractory products that see elevated temperatures.

How heavy are these ovens?
Our ovens weight approximately 480 lbs. The total shipping weight is around 550 lbs.

Can the pizza oven be installed or situated in other locations besides the backyard, such as in a basement, on a rooftop or in a garage?
The Backyard Pizza oven is designed for outdoor installations. Check with authorities on local codes before installing.

DIY Pizza Oven Kit - including firebrick, mortar, insulation and refractory.

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