This made-in-the USA silica textile protects and insulates in high-heat scenarios in many industrial applications. Refrasil adds a level of thermal control due to its low heat-storage capacity. In high-temperature industries, such as within chemical process/refining, steel production, power generation, metal processing and fabrication, shipbuilding, glass production, and chemical production, Refrasil cloth can be used as furnace curtains, removable insulation blankets, welding cloth, personnel protection and heat shielding. The sky’s the limit with Refrasil silica cloth thanks to this utilitarian material’s vast adaptability!

More on Refrasil Cloth

For high-heat applications within industrial settings, silica-based cloth is a smart solution that is easy to work with. Refrasil offers several styles of silica cloth for use where thermal performance is required. Armil CFS proudly stocks and sells Refrasil silica cloth to customers around the world.

Refrasil products are high-strength, acid-leached, amorphous silica textiles made to maximize both temperature resistance and physical strength. All Refrasil silica cloths have silica content of at least 96%. This silica content gives Refrasil silica cloths a true 1800ºF use limit. Refrasil Cloths are available in high-strength UC series, preshrunk C series, and also in the Irish series for use at temperatures of up to 2300ºF. Refrasil cloth is also available with aluminized, high-temperature silicone, or with an abrasion-resistant coating. Refrasil cloths can be used for welding protection, furnace curtains, etc. – any setting where thermal protection is required and the flexibility and adaptability of cloth is necessary.

Armil CFS’ Refrasil UC and C series have continuous-use temperature thresholds of 1800ºF while the Irish series, as mentioned above, can handle temperatures of up to 2300ºF. Refrasil products can withstand excursions to 2900 ºF with minimal embrittlement and shrinkage. You can learn more on melting points, widths and thicknesses, available coatings, and other stats by viewing our Refrasil silica cloth PDF here.

If you’d like to place an order with us, or have other questions on the many uses and capabilities of Refrasil, our knowledgeable staff is on-hand to assist you and to address any hot topic on your mind. Contact Us today to get started, please.

Jeff is an author for Armil CFS