With Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber being twice as good an insulator as insulating firebrick at operating temperatures to 2300°F and 2600°F, being light weight and completely resistant to thermal shock, it isn’t any wonder that inventive applications by creative potters and hobbyists keep occurring. Assisting the imagination of the potter is the wide variety of more than forty different Fiberfrax forms, such as bulk fibers, blankets and felts, cements, castables, moldables, blocks and boards, textiles, and even paper.

One of the most beneficial creations has been the idea of lining a 55 gallon drum with either Fiberfrax H Felt1(2600°F) or Lo-Con Felt2(2300°F), resulting in a 22-inch diameter by 33-high portable kiln. This kiln is beneficial in many ways since it is very inexpensive to build, and can be built in about 2 hours. Because Fiberfrax weighs one fifth that of IFB, the kiln can be lifted from the base either manually or by a cable and pulley system. This is much safer than the conventional IFB kiln since the worry of burning ones arm on the hot firebrick walls is eliminated. Another important advantage has an ecological aspect. Fiberfrax reflects the heat into the furnace; therefore, a faster heat-up and cool-down cycle can be obtained requiring less fuel consumption. One potter stated a reduction of fuel costs by 15 to 25%.

For larger sized kilns, the Fiberfrax Fiberwall system may be used. This concept consists of mineral wool, Lo-Con Felt2, and and Fiberfrax H Felt1 impaled over studs which are welded to the steel shell. The Fiberwall materials can be secured by an inconel clip or ceramic clip. This concept is slightly more sophisticated and expensive than the 55-gallon drum but, nevertheless, is justified by reduced fuel consumption, ease of installation, and increase in productivity due to less firing time required.

A more familiar application to many potters is the use of Fiberfrax Bulk Fiber as an expansion joint packer and crack stuffer in conventional IFB kilns.

Fiberfrax Rope and other textile forms have been used as seals and protective barriers.

These are a few ways Fiberfrax ceramic fiber paper products can be used, but there may be many ideas yet to be discovered. Use your imagination to have Fiberfrax save you time and money.

1. Fiberfrax H felt has been replaced by Fiberfrax Durablanket 2600.
2. Fiberfrax Lo-Con felt has been replaced by Fiberfrax Durablanket S.

Originally printed by Carborundum
Excerpted from Form C547-11/77

Jeff is an author for Armil CFS