When selecting the correct refractory mortar for your application, it is important to select a product that serves the following purposes:Refractory Mortar for high heat applications

  • Bonds the brickwork into a compact unit with greater resistance to mechanical and thermal shocks and stresses.
  • Gives a cushion between the surfaces of the brick to provide a stable bearing for each course.
  • Provides resistance to penetration of air or hot gases.
  • Delays the infiltration of slag and molten metal into the joints.

Considering these four purposes, BNZ Super Blakbond mortar is an excellent option when it comes to selecting an air setting refractory mortar. BNZ Super Blakbond is especially designed for laying insulating fire brick in temperatures up to 3000°F.

High temp refractory morar

It can also be used for high alumina dense refractory brick which makes it ideal for the one mortar to carry in your inventory. Super Blakbond is particularly good for deep patching and is also used for coating over industrial boiler tubes to level the surface. Armil CFS offers BNZ Super Blakbond mortar as well as BNZ insulating fire brick. Super Blakbond mortar is available in 50 lb.

pails and has a shelf life of 1 year. Once again, this mortar is an outstanding option for any job requiring both insulating and dense fire brick.

If you are interested in BNZ Super Blakbond mortar, please contact Armil CFS, Inc. @ 708-339-6810.

Jeff is an author for Armil CFS