Marinite FTArmil CFS, Inc is pleased to offer Marinite FT, the premier product for lining both Class A and Simulator burn rooms in the industry. Marinite FT provides the most realistic solution for live fire training. Our proprietary formula replicates the properties of typical building construction materials. This allows trainees to gain experience in real-world fire conditions using structures that behave like actual homes or businesses.

The key characteristics of the Marinite FT system include:

  • Low specific heat: Marinite FT linings absorb and retain less heat, allowing fires to reach higher temperatures faster. This exposes trainees to realistic heat levels and thermal conditions.
  • Realistic appearance: With a surface that looks like gypsum drywall, and other common building materials, Marinite FT provides an authentic training environment.
  • Low thermal mass: Training officers can run multiple training sessions per day without lengthy cool down because Marinite FT does not retain heat.

By providing the most advanced solution for live fire training, Marinite FT gives fire departments and trainees an opportunity for hands-on learning in conditions that accurately represent the challenges of fighting real fires.  The Marinite FT system is the best way for departments to prepare for a wide range of firefighting scenarios in their Class A and Simulator burn rooms.

Marinite FT Offered Exclusively by Armil CFS, Inc


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