Energy Efficiency with Durablanket® LT

Refractory ceramic fiber insulation for better efficiency and cost savings!

Unifrax has introduced revolutionary energy-saving alumino-silicate insulation known as Fiberfrax® Durablanket® LT and Durablanket LT Z. These Durablanket products use a breakthrough in fiberization technology that gives refractory ceramic fiber (RCF) products an unmatched thermal performance by saving energy, reducing carbon emissions, and improving thermal shock resistance.

Durablanket LT and LT Z offer improved handling for safer and simpler installation and increased durability and tensile strength for better performance in the most extreme heat conditions. These are the latest additions to the Fiberfrax ceramic fiber product family offered by Unifrax. These new and improved products offer the same benefits as previous Fiberfrax blanket grades but now with physical properties enhanced to improve both thermal performance and handling.

These Durablankets combine innovative processing technology with Fiberfrax performance to create the best alumina-silicate blanket available! Durablanket LT and LT Z needled blankets retain their strength, flexibility, and thermal properties in many working environments. They can be used in a wide variety of high-temperature applications and provide effective solutions to a variety of thermal management challenges.


Using Unifrax’s proprietary manufacturing process, Durablanket LT and Durablanket LT Z represent the next generation of RCF products. These blankets are made with an innovative manufacturing process that creates a material with a higher bulk fiber index and greater interlocking of fibers. This makes them easier to form and handle with higher tensile strength.

Features and benefits of Fiberfrax Durablanket include:

  • Energy savings & sustainability

Durablanket LT and LT Z helps companies reduce their energy costs and meeting carbon emissions requirements all without increasing the amount of high-temperature insulation that is required.

  • Thermal performance

This technology results in superior insulation properties which includes 20% lower thermal conductivity, high fiber index, and less shot. This allows for use in high-temperature environments up to 2,450°F.

  • Cost savings

Durablanket LT and LT Z provides cost savings, helps you to avoid heat loss, and frees up valuable space in furnaces and ovens by reducing the overall insulation lining thickness up to 25% while achieving the same high-heat insulation performance as standard RCF blankets.

The Largest Breakthrough in Alumino-Silicate Insulation in Years 

Fiberfrax Durablanket insulation products have been known for their performance, versatility and handling in many different industries. They are extremely useful in environments where high temperature applications demand insulating components.

Durablanket LT and LT Z is a breakthrough RCF product that delivers outstanding thermal performance. Durablanket LT and LT Z offers less shot and more fiber pound for pound. It also features improved handling for safer and easier installation. Durablanket has increased durability and tensile strength that allows it to last longer in the most extreme high-heat conditions.

Durablanket is ideally suited to a wide range of applications:

  • Reheat furnaces
  • Furnace linings
  • Fire protection
  • Pipe insulation
  • High temperature seals
  • High temperature gaskets

Durablanket Thermal Performance 

Durablanket LT and LT Z offer 20% lower thermal conductivity combined with its extreme durability allow its use in high temperature environments up to 2450 °F. For example, at 96 kg/m3, Durablanket LT provides the same thermal insulation performance as a standard 128 kg/m3 ceramic fiber blanket, which results in a weight savings of 25%.

For more information on Durablanket LT and LTZ or other insulation materials, please feel free to give us a call at (708) 339-6810.


Jeff is an author for Armil CFS