Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber PapersAt Armil CFS, we are committed to providing the industry with a broad range of innovative and versatile insulation solutions. Our Fiberfrax ceramic fiber paper is designed to cater to various industrial needs, sharing the hallmark qualities of thinness and flexibility, and primarily consisting of a matrix of alumino silicate fiber bound with a latex binding system.

Fiberfrax 550 Papers: Unwashed Purity for Gasketing and Sealing

The Fiberfrax 550 paper series are made from unwashed high-purity Fiberfrax ceramic fiber, commonly used in gasketing, sealing, and refractory backup applications. Available in 1/16” (550F), 1/8” (550J), and ¼” (550K) thicknesses, these papers offer reliable performance and adaptability.

Fiberfrax 970 Papers: Washed High-Purity for Extended Die Life

Our Fiberfrax 970 papers are unique, made from washed high-purity Fiberfrax ceramic fibers, which results in improved uniformity and thermal performance. This “cleaner” paper is designed to extend die life in die stamping operations, reducing the wear on dies. Choose from thicknesses of 1/32” (970A), 1/16” (970F), and 1/8” (970J).

Fiberfrax 880 Papers: Higher Alumina for High Temperature

Designed with higher alumina and fibers laid up at greater densities, the Fiberfrax 880 paper offers a remarkable temperature grade of 2600°F. Available in 1/16” (880F) and 1/8” (880J), these papers are perfect for applications requiring higher thermal resistance.

In addition, both 880 and 970 papers are available without the organic binder systems in the 882-H and 972-H variants, heat-treated to remove organics, ensuring an even cleaner option for specific applications.

Fiberfrax Rollboard: Versatile Lower-Density Fiber

Fiberfrax Rollboard is a unique offering with lower-density ceramic fiber, granting more flexibility. It is an ideal choice for wrapping intricate shapes or molds or utilized in single-use applications.

Why Choose Armil CFS Specialty Products?

With our robust selection of Fiberfrax ceramic fiber papers, we ensure that our clients receive the quality and flexibility they need to optimize their operations. Our commitment to excellence, backed by years of industry experience, has positioned us as a trusted provider of thermal processing solutions.

Whether you’re looking for products for industrial insulation, gasketing, or specialized applications, we have the right Fiberfrax papers to suit your needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about our products or to request a quote, and let us help you find the perfect insulation solution for your specific requirements.

Jeff is an author for Armil CFS