For high temperature industries, including heat treating, forging, ceramics & glass production, petrochemical production, and for furnace and oven manufacturing, insulating firebrick provides energy conservation, management, and greater product conformity. Lightweight insulating firebrick helps to increase the efficiency of furnace linings – allowing high temperature furnaces, kilns, and ovens to heat up quickly while keeping the outside shell at a lower temperature. The ceramics industry particularly enjoys our insulating firebrick – artists trust our brick within their kilns, while large plants use our brick inside of their furnaces to control interior temperatures while keeping energy costs in line.

More on Insulating Firebrick

Armil CFS is pleased to offer BNZ Materials’ low-density insulating firebrick used in industrial applications with temperatures of up to 3200ºF. All of the Insulating firebrick we stock is manufactured in the USA!

Our insulating firebrick is low-density refractory brick made from high-purity refractory clays and other ceramic raw materials. Insulating firebrick from Armil CFS offers high strength, low-heat storage, high purity, and accurate sizing for your design and construction requirements.

BNZ Insulating Firebrick

Armil CFS carries several grades of insulating firebrick for use in applications up to 3200°F. Each type is formulated to meet specific thermal and physical requirements, and after firing is machined to precise tolerances. Made from high-purity refractory clays and other ceramic raw materials, these IFB are manufactured to provide a uniform, controlled pore structure. All off the following IFB are low iron.

BNZ 23HS is a high-strength ASTM 23 Grade. The higher strength and density make this brick an excellent choice for furnaces utilizing a controlled atmosphere. These brick are commonly used in heat treating furnaces and artist kilns. C22Z are a higher-strength 2300 ºF rated IFB typically used in load bearing applications or applications in which a stronger IFB is required, BNZ 26 is the standard ASTM Grade 26 used in higher temperature applications, such as in forging furnaces and ceramic kilns. BNZ 28 is the traditional ASTM Grade 28, used in higher temperature kilns and steel reheat furnaces. BNZ 3000 has long been the standard for true ASTM Grade 30 brick. Its low-reheat shrinkage at testing temperature of 2950°F is an indication of its ability to tolerate excursions above normal operating temperatures in applications such as strip annealing furnaces. BNZ 32 is a reasonably priced alternative to bubbled alumina brick in many high temperature applications or where high alumina content is required. All BNZ Insulating Firebrick is manufactured in the USA.

Insulating Firebrick – Coarse

PA series coarse insulating firebrick offers a lower cost alternative to traditional fine-grained insulating firebrick. PA series brick is designed for applications where the lower densities or finer texture or traditional IFB is not required. PA series firebrick meet or exceed the specifications of ASTM C 155 for each listed grad. All PA series insulating firebrick are manufactured in the USA. PA 23 with its low reheat shrinkage is especially well suited for applications such as annealing and reheating furnaces. PA 26 blends excellent density, strength, and temperature stability with low thermal conductivity, making it ideal as back up insulation in high temperature reheat and forging furnaces. It has also been used successfully in many kiln applications.

BNZ 26-60 Insulating Firebrick

Armil CFS also offers BNZ 26-60 fire brick, which meets all requirements of an ASTM C 155 class 26 IFB, with a higher alumina content then the standard 2600 insulating brick. This makes the BNZ 26-60 specially designed for areas where furnace atmospheres require the inertness of a higher alumina product. Applications for the BNZ 26-60 insulating firebrick include atmosphere furnaces used in heat treating, ceramic kilns, incinerators, and cremation retorts.

Hard Firebrick

Armil CFS also features hard firebrick for situations requiring an abrasion-resistant thermal material. High Duty, Super Duty, and High Fired Super Duty fireclay brick are all available for such scenarios.

Our insulating firebrick and hard firebrick are very popular products. If you’re new to their applications and uses or have questions on this fine line of refractory products, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Jeff is an author for Armil CFS