Insulating Firebrick are a low density firebrick used for insulation purposes in kilns, furnaces, incinerators, boilers, and other high temperature process equipment.

Armil CFS stocks a wide variety of insulating brick manufactured in the USA by BNZ Materials.

BNZ Materials manufactures high quality firebrick in their Zeienople, PA plant that originally manufactured JM insulating firebrick. JM insulating firebrick are now called BNZ insulating firebrick. Most other companies offering JM insulating brick are using the JM trade name only. They are not manufacturing using the JM process. Most of this brick is manufactured overseas.

Following Grades are in stock in 9” x 4-1/2” x 2-1/2” straights. Please call for other available sizes

  • BNZ 23HS
  • BNZ 26
  • BNZ 28
  • BNZ 3000
  • BNZ 32

Specialty Grades in stock

  • BNZ C22Z
  • BNZ 26-60
  • PA 23 Coarse
  • PA 26 Coarse

Bricks available by special order

  • BNZ 2000
  • PA 2000
  • BNZ 2500
  • BNZ 26 HS

Jeff is an author for Armil CFS