Calcium silicate is a white, free-flowing powder derived from limestone and diatomaceous earth combined together. Calsil is commonly used as a safe alternative to asbestos products for high temperature insulation materials, and is also used for passive fire protection. When compressed into boards, Marinite takes on a life of its own and has very handy application capacities in numerous industries.

Very popular as a structural insulation material, Marinite is used in stoves, commercial baking ovens across the country, as back-up insulation in high-temperature furnaces, and for personal protection in high-heat settings as well as for high-temperature electrical insulation. Marinite can be found in all heat-treating industries as well as within the petrochemical industry, aluminum industry, glass and ceramic industry, and even within the world of appliance manufacturing.

More on Marinite Boards

Armil CFS offers Marinite insulting boards made from calcium silicate that combine high strength with exceptional thermal insulating capabilities in high-heat settings. Our Marinite boards can be made into fabricated or machined shapes and are often used in a variety of heat processing, fire protection, and electrical resistance industrial applications. Marinite I, Marinite P, Marinite A, and CS85 are available from Armil CFS – each has its own set of advantages, from excellent strength and electrical resistivity at temperatures up to 1800°F, insulating efficiency, to high compressive strength or non-wetting to molten aluminum.

Check-out the Marinite boards specs and information here. If you have more questions on usage or applications that have not been addressed in the PDF, or if you’d like to purchase Marinite from Armil CFS, please contact us to speak to a refractory expert.

Jeff is an author for Armil CFS