Armil CFS, Inc has shipped a gas fired pusher furnace to a European manufacturer of investment castings for the medical industry. The 2 row pusher furnace will be used for the burnout and pre-heating of investment casting molds.

The furnace has an operating range of 1,650°F to 2,100°F. Residual wax will be consumed within the furnace chamber, eliminating need for an afterburner.  A recuperative combustion system will utilize a series of high velocity burners operating in 3 zones of control. The furnace incorporates an industrial PLC and touchscreen based HMI.


Armil CFS, Inc; located in South Holland, IL; is a manufacturer of custom furnaces for ceramics, fire testing, forging, investment casting, heat treating, incineration, etc… Armil CFS also manufactures Tru-Heat pre- engineered box furnaces for a variety of high temperature applications.

Jeff is an author for Armil CFS