Industry Application Overview – Refrasil Silica Products

Aluminum and Non-ferrous Metals Application

  • Refrasil® is well known throughout the smelting and refining light metal industries.
  • Refrasil Irish cloth 2221 is used as pot hood skirts, siphon tube gaskets, bus bar insulation, launder linings and exhaust fume expansion joints. Also as cast house mold blanket for heat retention on mold during pre-heat operations.
  • Refrasil Rope is used as a sealing gasket on crucible lids.
  • Refrasil UC100-48 and UC100-96 cloth is used as personnel protection on the exterior of the crucible and as Launder (trough) liner in zinc and aluminum melting and casing industry.

Heat Treating Industry Application

Refrasil® is used as furnace liners, furnace curtains, furnace insulation , thermocouple insulation, lehr curtains and replaces porcelain bead insulation. In brazing used as a blanket, separator and conveyer cover.

Specific applications include:

  • Cable insulation in induction furnaces (tape or sleeving)
  • Sintering furnace pads (Irish)
  • Brazing furnace separators (Irish)
  • Aluminum wire annealing- separator between wire coils and steel holding rays (UC100)

Welding Industrial Application

Refrasil® is well suited as a utility cloth for welding and grinding spark and splatter protection for both personnel and equipment when doing component assembly or manual brazing. The low chlorides of Refrasil cloth eliminate problems of contamination when used for weld preheat and stress relieving thermal blankets.

Chemical Process Industry Application

Refrasil® products are widely used in a variety of applications in the chemical industry. Applications include reformer tube seal insulation, hot air expansion joints, fire proof valve insulation pads, filtration of high temperature corrosive solutions and gases. Other applications include fixed bed catalyst support, demisting/condensation of corrosive vapor, wicking/absorption of chemicals and fabrication into fire barriers/shields.

Glass Industry Application Overview

Excellent material for lehr curtains in the float glass process, mold liners and release cloth.

Other applications include:

  • Tong and paddle insulation (HWS sleeving and tape)
  • Expansion joint packing (blanket or batt) with silica mortar in furnaces
  • Hot patch repair using cloth as a stop for zircon slurry pour
  • Vacuum type “take-out” of “lifting” heads (HWS sleeving)

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