Fiberfrax ceramic fiber products provide a simple and effective way to save energy in wood burning stoves. Manufacturers use a number of these ceramic fiber forms to improve fuel efficiency and safety in there units.

For many producers, Fiberfrax products replaced asbestos that had been used historically, eliminating potential health hazards. For others, Fiberfrax is a substitute for fiberglass products that assures better performance at high temperatures.

Fiberfrax Twisted Ropes, Fiberfrax Round Braid, and Fiberfrax Square Braid can all be used as an air-tight door seal to help control combustion, provide a steady heat flow, and conserve energy. Fiberfrax Rope can also be used for ash pan gaskets.

Fiberfrax Duraboard and Fiberfrax Durablanket S can be attached to the back panel of the unit to serve as a safety device, allowing the stove to be positioned closer to the wall. They can also provide thermal insulation required for stove boards and decoration panels. Fiberfrax Duraboard LD can be used as a back up for hard refractory to reduce heat loss and conserve energy.

Fiberfrax Duraboard LD has also been used as internal baffle board in wood fired stoves. Duraboard LD is easy to cut with hand tools to insure a proper fit. Duraboard LD has also proven successful as an insulating board in wood fired pizza ovens.

Fiberfrax LDS moldable is a high temperature caulking compound that can be applied around piping system to prevent leaks.

Why use Fiberfrax?

  • Contains no asbestos
  • Saves Energy
  • Competitively priced
  • Will not deteriorate
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Produces better heat flow
  • Easy to cut
  • Upgrades safety
  • Higher temperature limits than fiberglass

Jeff is an author for Armil CFS