Armil CFS is a custom manufacturer of high temperature processing equipment, including furnaces, kilns, and incineration equipment. All equipment is designed around each customer’s specific requirements. Equipment is built to last, utilizing heavy steel construction. Combustion and control components are supplied by leading manufacturers.

Fiberfrax fiber blankets

Armil CFS proudly distributes AND fabricates Unifrax Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber products in many different forms for various needs. These ceramic fiber products are manufactured from alumina-silica materials and will exhibit high temperature stability in manufacturing applications up to 3000°F.

Unifrax Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber products

Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber products are manufactured from alumina-silica materials and exhibit high temperature resistant stability to 2600°F. Fiberfrax refractory ceramic fiber products are characterized by low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, light weight, and superior corrosion resistance.

We offer the following high temperature insulation solutions:

ArmilCFS fiber boards

Fiberfrax ceramic fibers products are available in many product forms that have applications in a wide range of high temperature applications. Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber products have traditionally been used in Ferrous and Non Ferrous metal production, Petrochemical and Power production, and in Ceramic / Glass industries. Fiberfrax ceramic fiber products are commonly used for heat resistance and found in these industries:

Fiberfrax Ceramic Boards

When looking for an insulating backup to brick, castable, or dense refractories, Fiberfrax Duraboard is a great option to consider. Fiberfrax Duraboard is a high temperature, ceramic fiber board manufactured using alumina-silica fibers and binders. These products have a low thermal conductivity, high temperature constancy, uniform density, and outstanding resistance to chemical attacks or thermal shock.

Fiberfrax High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Blankets

The Fiberfrax Durablanket is a thermally efficient ceramic fiber insulating material that combines constancy at high temperatures with total resistance to thermal shock. Durablanket products are high strength, needled blankets spun from Fiberfrax ceramic fibers. The blanket acquires it’s handling strength from extra-long spun fibers that are cross locked through a one of a kind forming process. Fiberfrax Durablanket products are unaffected by most chemicals, resulting in exceptional chemical stability.

Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber Papers

ArmilCFS Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber Papers

Armil CFS offers several grades of Fiberfrax ceramic fiber papers for a variety of applications. All Fiberfrax papers are thin, flexible insulation materials consisting primarily of a matrix of alumino-silicate fiber with a latex binding system. Fiberfrax 440 papers are a lower cost, composite made from a combination of ceramic fiber, inert fillers, and fiberglass reinforcement. The fiberglass gives 440 papers added strength at operating temperatures between 450°F and 1300°F.

Armil CFS Insulation Products

We group our ceramic fiber into seven basic product lines – please follow the links below to learn more about each refractory product that proudly bears the Fiberfrax name:

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