From appliance insulation and mold wrap to high-temperature gasketing and refractory backup for thermal management, ceramic fiber paper has countless uses when it comes to high-heat protection. Another fine thermal refractory ceramic fiber product like our blankets and rigid boards, ceramic fiber paper looks like felt but is thicker than true paper. Our ceramic paper goes up to ¼ inch thick! By adding starch and binders to Fiberfrax ceramic fibers, this product becomes exceptionally flexible and strong. Ceramic fiber paper makes for excellent gasketing and sealing material in stoves and ovens as well as use in expansion joints – anywhere a high-heat insulation solution is needed with minimal thickness.

More on Ceramic Fiber Paper

Armil CFS ceramic fiber papers are light weight, flexible insulation products for applications up to 2600°F. Ceramic fiber papers have excellent chemical stability, resisting most corrosive elements. Exceptions to this rule are hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids, as well as concentrated alkalis. Fiberfrax® papers will generate small amounts of outgassing upon initial exposure to temperatures above 450°F.

Typical applications for our ceramic fiber papers include:

  • Refractory backup
  • Appliance insulation
  • Ware separator
  • Mold Wrap
  • High temp gasketing
  • Expansion joints
  • Thermal insulation
  • High-temperature parting agent
  • Die cut parts

To learn temperature grades, melting points, densities, tensile strengths and more for ceramic papers, please visit our Ceramic Fiber Papers PDF. Reach out to Armil CFS for sales and support by contacting us here.

Jeff is an author for Armil CFS