When searching different websites or stores for the right Ceramic Fiber Blankets, there are many different options to choose from. Most people are looking for a blanket that has the following features:

  • Excellent hot strength
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Handling Strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Low heat storage
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Outstanding fire protection
  • Light weight
  • High Heat Reflectance
  • Thermal Stability

Most blankets can offer some of these characteristics, but only the Fiberfrax Durablanket can deliver them all. The Fiberfrax Durablanket is a thermally efficient ceramic fiber insulating material that combines constancy at high temperatures with total resistance to thermal shock. Durablanket products are high strength, needled blankets spun from Fiberfrax ceramic fibers. The blanket acquires it’s handling strength from extra-long spun fibers that are cross locked through a one of a kind forming process. Fiberfrax Durablanket products are unaffected by most chemicals, resulting in exceptional chemical stability.

Armil CFS offers a variety Fiberfrax Durablanket products that can serve the following applications:

  • Furnace, kiln, reformer, and boiler linings
  • Furnace repairs
  • Investment casting mold wrappings
  • High temperature kiln and furnace insulation
  • Furnace door linings and seals
  • Reusable insulation for steam and gas turbines
  • Flexible high-temperature pipe insulation
  • Glass furnace crown insulation
  • High-temperature seals, gaskets, and batten strips
  • Incineration equipment and stack lining.

Armil CFS offers a variety Fiberfrax Durablanket products that include Durablanket S, Durablanket 2600, and Moist-Pak D. Fiberfrax Durablanket S is best used for applications up to 2300° and is manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and densities. This blanket is lightweight, strong, and offers a wide array of solutions for any insulating problems. Check out our Fiberfrax Durablankets

Jeff is an author for Armil CFS