Insulfrax® S fiber chemistry has been combined with Unifrax’s proprietary fiber spinning technology to create a specialty high-temperature blanket with superior thermal and mechanical properties. Insulfrax® S calcium, magnesium, silicate chemistry provides thermal insulation at continuous operating temperatures to 2012°F. Insulfrax® S meets European regulatory requirement (Directive 97/69EC).

Insulfrax® S is classified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), per UL723 (ASTME-84). Flame Spread Rating=0, Smoke developed rating=0

Insulfrax® S Blanket is a flexible, strong, lightweight, needled blanket produced from Insulfrax® Fiber. Mechanical needling of the spun Insulfrax® fibers eliminates the need for binders in the product’s manufacture and results in a product with high tensile strength. Since Insulfrax® S Blanket is completely inorganic, the product exhibits no smoke generation or outgassing in service. Insulfrax® S Blanket combines low thermal conductivity with excellent resistance to thermal shock. Note that high humidity and wetting with water prior to service has little effect on Insulfrax® S Blanket.

Typical applications:

  • Residential self-cleaning ovens
  • Wood Fired Ovens
  • High-temperature commercial cooking appliances
  • High-temperature gasket material
  • Hearth Products
  • Chimney Insulation
  • Expansion joint seals
  • Aluminum transfer ladle covers
  • Backup insulation for dense refractory linings
  • Backup insulation for refractory ceramic fiber or Isofrax® linings
  • Maintenance blanket
  • Heat shields
  • Stress Relieving Blankets
  • Reusable insulating pads
  • External duct insulation


Jeff is an author for Armil CFS