Armil CFS Ceramic Fiber Boards

When looking for an insulating backup to brick, castable, or dense refractories, Fiberfrax Duraboard is a great option to consider. Fiberfrax Duraboard is a high temperature, ceramic fiber board manufactured using alumina-silica fibers and binders. These products have a low thermal conductivity, high temperature constancy, uniform density, and outstanding resistance to chemical attacks or thermal shock. 

These features allow Fiberfrax Duraboard to perform exceptionally for applications that involve erosive forces, mechanical stress, and vibration. The board gets its strength from small quantities of organic and inorganic fibers added during the manufacturing process. The binding agents are then burned out during the initial heat up by the end user at temperatures between 450°F and 600°F. 

Ceramic Fiber Boards for Industrial Application

Another major benefit of these boards is the ease of handling and installation. Fiberfrax Duraboards are lightweight and easy to machine or cut, which assists in faster turnaround times for an assortment of industrial insulation applications. Once the boards are installed, reduced energy costs, cycling times and protection for refractory surfaces from thermal shock are added benefits. 

Armil CFS offers Fiberfrax Duraboard products that can be used for a variety of applications that include the following: 

  • Full thickness refractory lining
  • Insulating backup to brick, castable, or dense refractories
  • Flue & chimney linings in furnaces & kilns
  • Heat shields for personal protection
  • Wood-burning stove backup insulation
  • Rigid high temperature gaskets & seals
  • Trough linings & covers for conveying molten metals
  • Use in industrial heat processing equipment
  • Pouring forms for castable
  • High-Temperature baffles & muffles

For temperature applications up to 2300°F, Fiberfrax Duraboard LD and HD are the best options. Duraboard LD has a smooth finished surface and is ideally used for application as a sandwich or core material. It is also applied when performance and uniformity are important. 

Duraboard HD is very similar to LD, however it provides enhanced compressive strength and a higher modulus of rupture. Clay additives during the manufacturing process provide HD with more strength and density. 

For temperature applications up to 2600°F, Fiberfrax Duraboard 2600 is the best ceramic fiber board. Duraboard 2600 board is fabricated with a blend of patented polycrystalline mulite fibers to provide stability at higher temperatures.   

For temperature applications up to 3000°F, Fiberfrax Duraboard 3000 is the number 1 choice. Duraboard 3000 is the highest rated temperature board manufactured by Unifrax and delivers shrinkage resistance and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. 

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Jeff is an author for Armil CFS