Refrasil textile material is designed to withstand high temperatures and provide insulation in extreme heat conditions. Refrasil is typically made from amorphous silica fibers, which have excellent thermal resistance and insulation properties. The material is often used in industrial applications such as furnace and kiln insulation, as well as in the production of protective clothing for workers who may be exposed to high temperatures. Refrasil textiles are known for their durability and resistance to thermal shock, as well as their ability to maintain their strength and integrity at high temperatures.

Refrasil Textile Products are used in:

Steel Mills

Refrasil tapes and sleeving products are used extensively as various hose and tube insulation and in protection from radiant heat and metal splash. Examples include: argon bubbler hose, coke oven-pusher, car hydraulic lines, BOF water cooling pipes, BOF oxygen lance hose, blast furnace air sensor lines, water bypass system on open hearth furnaces, and ladle exhaust hood suction.

A combination of clothes, tapes, and sleeving is used by the mill as thermal / electrical insulation areas such as crane motor leads, soaking pit cables, and coke oven cables.

Ropes are used as gaskets and seals to include blast furnace bell domes, coke oven doors, and stand pipes.

Irish cloth is often used as a radiant heat curtain on furnace equipment to reduce energy consumption of slab reheat, strip annealers, galvanizing lines, and wire patenting furnaces.

General maintenance and safety are not or a major concern within a mill. Refrasil abrasion resistant clothes is the product of choice for bearing shrouds, blast furnace emission control curtains, personnel shields on the concast line, and heat shield panels on the BOF.

Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metals Industry

Refrasil products benefits are well known throughout the smelting and refining of the light metals industries where the thermal properties make it suitable for a range of applications.

Irish series cloth is used for pot hood skirts, siphon tube gaskets, bus bar insulation, launder linings and exhaust fume expansion joints.

Rope is used as a sealing gasket on crucible lids and standard grade is used for personnel protection on the exterior of the crucible.

Metals Processing (Heat Treat) Industry

Furnace, entry, exit, and zone curtains of various designs are used extensively to reduce energy consumption, improve production quality through improved furnace control and temperature uniformity, while protecting nearby personnel and equipment. Refrasil cloth is used for theater or draw type designs, whereas tapes for rag type and rope for mop type curtains are used in continuous operating units.

Other metal processing applications include forging mold covers, brazing separator, and electrode insulators.

Glass Industry

Applications in glass include tong and paddle insulation, lehr curtains, recuperator seals, and hot patch repair for zircon slurry pouring.

Chemical Processing Industry

Refrasil products are used in many diverse applications throughout the CPI industry. Applications include reformer tube seal insulation, hot air duct expansion joint, fire proof valve insulation pads, and for weld protection during normal maintenance work.

Metal Fabrication

Refrasil abrasion resistance cloth is particularly suited as a utility cloth for weld and grinding spark and splatter protection for both personnel and equipment when doing transformer component assembly or manual brazing. The low chlorides of Refrasil cloth eliminate problems of contamination when used for weld preheat and tress relieving thermal blankets.

More about Refrasil Products

Armil CFS offers woven insulation cloth and woven tape for a variety of high temperature applications. Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fiber cloth and tapes can be used in insulation applications to 2300°F. Refrasil® Silica cloth and tapes have a 1800°F use limit, 2300°F for Refrasil Irish.

Armil CFS also offers low cost “utility grad” line of ceramic and fiberglass textiles.

What are high temperature textile products?

High temperature textile products are materials that are designed to provide thermal protection in extreme heat or high temperature environments. These products are typically made from materials such as fiberglass or ceramic fibers. Some common examples of high temperature textile products include:.

  1. Thermal insulation blankets: These are blankets that are used to insulate pipes, boilers, and other equipment that operate at high temperatures.
  2. Fire-resistant fabrics: These are fabrics that are treated to be resistant to flames and high temperatures. They are often used in protective clothing, such as firefighter suits.
  3. High temperature resistant tapes: These are adhesive tapes that can withstand high temperatures and are used for sealing or binding purposes in high-temperature environments.
  4. Welding blankets: These are blankets that are used to protect surrounding areas from sparks and heat generated during welding.

Overall, high temperature textile products are crucial in industries where high temperatures are involved, as they help to protect people and equipment from damage and harm.